A Unit of Work exploring Australia's democratic system of Government


This unit is based on the NSW Board of Studies Unit, State and Federal Government and as such has a state focus on NSW, but links have been included to allow investigation of other states.

Topic areas include -

   What is Government

   Responsibilities of Different Levels of Government

   Separation of Powers

   Responsible and Represenatative Government

   How Does Parliament Work?

Several of the activities in this unit are interactive investigations on the Parliamentary Education Office and Australian Electoral Commission websites.

Some of the activities on the following pages require internet searches - use relevant keywords and search more efficiently using " " or + in your search  eg. "legislative council" + Australia; opening your results in new tabs or windows.

Remember - Most Internet Pages ARE NOT written for you (the author had their own purpose) - skim the page and if you can not find what you need to know in less than a minute - close the tab and look at another page. If you still can not find the 'answer', you may need to search again with better "keywords".

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